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'Sails''Sails''Sails''Dancing Woman' - detail'Dancing Woman''Family IV'

Latest Works

The next genesis of curves in my stainless steel work is Sails.

It combines the relief forms of Nude Descending Stairs, and Falling Angel II, in using planar forms but now the curves meet to close the final sides to create a free standing sculpture.

The two elements can be turned independently to change the form of the sculpture. I find that the compatibility of the curves mean that the elements relate well in many positions.

I have used 316 grade stainless steel and this has been treated to produce two finishes. The more reflective, outer finish and the satin, inner finish were produce using grit blasting and electropolishing.

The electropolishing also reduces the possibility of surface 'tea staining' that often occurs on stainless steel that is placed in proximity to the sea.

A black, acrylic box covers the base and allows the sculpture to appear to 'float' on the pond.

Dancing Woman is a figurative form in timber.

The timber is reclaimed wharf timber that is approximately 100 years old.

I like the idea of finding the jazzy, dancing woman inside a piece of wood, the purpose of which, in its service life, was to remain very static.

The gorgeous grain and colouring of the timber had a great deal to do with shaping the forms and the cylindrical, darker growth rings created the opportunity to put a real twist into the shape.

She is dancing on a stainless steel base which is fixed through a timber quirk into the floor.

Family IV is a rendering of family love.

The adult forms create a close feeling in the work, their heads coming together in their consideration of their children. The curved forms are gentle and well defined by the crisp edges and repetition of the rectangular 'thought space' between the two pairs.

In order to give extra height, I have joined two blocks of limestone to create this work, treating the joint as a design element in the sculpture.

Current Projects

Current works include a bronze bust, bronze foliate architectural items, a stainless steel and marble pond feature, and a timber ply 'leaf' for an interior.

If you have any questions about this work or would like to see further images, please contact me.

Roger Apte

~ Roger Apte SCULPTOR ~

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