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I love the physical act of sculpting'Balmoral'- marble'David Campesie'- bronze portrait'Dark Continent''Idols of Youth''Shogun' stainless steel

I am a professional sculptor, working in Sydney, Australia

Artistic Experience
I started sculpting in 1981. Selling my work through galleries and exhibitions, I commenced my career in sculpture in 1992.

Since then I have produced over 500 individual works that are held in Australia and overseas.

During this time, I have been commissioned to produce works for homeowners, developers, architects and designers, institutional and corporate clients.

Some of my corporate clients have been:
- Athletics Australia
- Australian Government
- Australian Paralympic Committee
- Australian Rugby Union
- Boral Limited
- Commonwealth Bank
- Cricket Australia
- Mirvac Group
- National Rugby League
- Optus
- St.George Bank
- Telstra
- Vodafone
- Woolmark

I have been a member of the Sculptors Society and have served as Vice President on their Executive Committee for three years.

I have taught sculpture at a community arts level and TAFE and demonstrated sculpture in public venues and on national television.

My choice of sculpture media is a reflection of my love of materials. It has included traditional media such as bronze, sandstone, limestone, marble, alabaster, ceramics, timber and other media such as concrete, plaster, glass, resin, steel, aluminium, fabrics, plastics, wax and synthetic clays.

The media and technique that I choose for a work are harmonious with the story of the piece and its site.

I have produced work for office, boardroom, foyer, home, garden, airport lounge and landscape settings. I have produced concepts for bridges, retaining walls, sporting awards, corporate awards and gifts, architectural decoration and personal gifts.

Apart from the specific subject matter required for commissioned works, I enjoy the exploration and portrayal of human themes as they are demanding in discipline of execution while openly inviting the viewer to identify with, embrace and enjoy the sculpture.

Artist's Statement
My first experience of sculpture was an extraordinary plaster
horse that stood in the window of my grandfather's studio.

Sculpture is unique to me in the creation of an object, its
physical process and its potential to carry meaning.

I enjoy working with my clients, whether they are individuals
or organisations, to ascertain the functions of the desired
object. Once this is done, the beginning of art to me is to
find, in simplicity, the essence of those often
complex meanings.

The resolution is sculpture that converses with the viewer's
heart and tells its story there.

Roger Apte


~ Roger Apte SCULPTOR ~

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