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Sculpture available for purchase

Sculpture Materials available for purchase

You can buy any of the available works on this site. I also have additional works in stock.

If you like a particular piece that has been sold, it may be that the next genesis in that line of work is commissionable or has already been created and is available.

Commissioning Program

Can't find something that is just right for that space?

Commissioning me to create your sculpture means that you will be getting a work that is unique and uniquely attuned to you and your space.

At each stage, my clients share in control of the commissioning process by the following the steps,

Step 1. I meet you. If possible, this consultation should be where you want the sculpture to be.

Here we will discuss your thoughts and preferences, and a variety of options for your space.

Step 2. To proceed from this consultation, a fee is payable for development and pricing of concepts.

This fee will reflect my anticipated time and other considerations such as research of materials and engineering, which may be required for me to confirm concepts and prices for you.

This fee also covers our second meeting wherein we will discuss the concepts that I have developed for you. Depending upon your project, I may also use visualization aids such as sketches and 3D modelling to help us discuss these concepts.

Step 3. I will confirm, in a written proposal, the details of the sculpture concept that you have selected, including a fixed price and delivery date.

Step 4. Upon your acceptance of my quotation, the work will commence. The physical process of making a sculpture is a thoroughly enjoyable one. In order for you to share this enjoyment, and so that you can see how your sculpture is made, I will make appointments with you at key moments in the creation of your work.

Step 5. I will install the work.

Step 6. You will receive a Certificate of Authenticity for your sculpture together with maintenance advice, if required.

Contact me by clicking here.

Roger Apte

~ Roger Apte SCULPTOR ~

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