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Contact me if the sculpture you want is sold and we can talk about the next generation of that piece.

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Yass Black marble $4,620
'Couple' Australian Limestone
Australian Limestone $300
'Idols of Youth II'
Bronze $13,200
'Blue Tongue Dreaming'
Wombeyan Marble, timber $1,650
'Fountain Frolic'
Bronze $20,900
Yass Black marble on Wombeyan marble base $4,840
'My Baby does the Hanky-Panky'
Carrara marble $4,400
Unique ceramic sculpture SOLD
'The Beetle'
Unique ceramic sculpture SOLD
'Dodo Skull' Australian Limestone
Australian Limestone $250
'Peek-a-boo!' limestone
Unique castings, 24k Gold, timber cabinets $4,730 for the 6
'Moonrise' and 'Sunrise'
Unique castings, timber surrounds $5,060 for the pair
'Mother' limestone
Wharf Timber $5,500
'The Twins'
Wharf Timber $7,920 the pair
'Groovechick 1'
Limestone on timber base $2,200
'Sleeping Raincloud'
Scaglione Alabaster $4,840
Limestone $2,200
Marble, Australian Red Cedar $3,520
Love's Embrace
Hoop Pine timber $4,400
A Cocked Hat
Hoop Pine timber $4,400
Bondi Lifesaver
Hoop Pine timber $330
Chilli Dart
Hoop Pine timber $1,200
Crow Mask
Hoop Pine timber $600
Hoop Pine timber SOLD. Iterations available
Grey Dove
Hoop Pine timber $330
Steel, SOLD
Hoop Pine timber, acrylic, leds $1,800
Hoop Pine timber, leather $1,900 for the group
Love Knot
Hoop Pine timber SOLD
Hoop Pine timber $1,990
Moonlit Crossing
Hoop Pine timber, reclaimed timber base $1,590
Papier Mache
Hoop Pine timber, newsprint $1,850
Hoop Pine timber $1,560
The Chinese Slipper
Hoop Pine timber $2,350
The Last of the Mohicans
Hoop Pine timber $500
Casting with painted finish $350
Hoop Pine timber $1,350
Your Love is
Hoop Pine timber, reclaimed timber joinery $1,200
Hoop Pine timber, leather $350
'Mother' limestone
Wharf Timber $5,500
'Schweppes Man'
Joyously salvaged timber boxes $360
'Back in the fold' Australian Limestone
Australian Limestone $350
'Surfer Girl'
Unique ceramic sculpture SOLD
'Falling Angel'
Stainless steel, kiln textured glass $7,700

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