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Height 1650 mm
Width 1000 mm
Depth 650 mm
Materials bronze

The playful character of this sculpture, 'Fountain Frolic' emerged from my discussions with the clients and their designer.

This young woman is a reminiscence of youthful summer days spent playing in and around water. We can see that she is laughing, trying to avoid being splashed.

The curved copper motif on the rear wall that visually ties her in to the surrounding area also forms the jets that splash her.

This sculpture is available for commission. Please contact me for details.

Available as: this sculpture is cast, to commission. There have been two produced to date. Each is slightly different, as I refine the features directly in the bronze casting. This price includes a stainless steel base but does not include the copper motif.
Price: (AUD)$19,000 + GST (ex-studio)

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