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Materials machined aluminium, nickel plate ball

 NRL Womens Premiership Trophy Wins 2020 Good Design Award Winner Accolade in Australia’s International Good Design Awards.

Designed By: Roger Apte Sculptor.

The winners of Australia’s peak international design awards – the highest honour for design and innovation in the country were announced during the 2020 Good Design Week.

The Good Design Awards Jury praised the NRL Womens Premiership Trophy design, commenting:

“Beautiful attention to detail. The narrative and form are seamlessly intertwined with sculptured art work designed to represent the telling of a story, a memory. An object that is eye catching in its use of materials and meaningful form, bringing attention to celebration of achievement. As far as sporting trophies go, this one embodies all the aspects of the specific genre of women's sport and the NRL with lots of symbolism and meaning behind all the elements and shapes. Iconic in nature and feels like an object to be proud to receive.”

Dr. Brandon Gien, CEO of Good Design Australia said: “Receiving a Good Design Award is a significant achievement given the very high calibre and record number of entries received in 2020.”

The National Rugby League Women’s Premiership Trophy is an important symbol in Australian sport today. It’s designed to embody the women’s credo of ‘inner strength’. Importantly, while its design is related to the iconic men’s trophy, it represents the unique reasons for being of the women’s Premiership league.

Roger Apte is a Sydney based Sculptor with forty years’ experience in producing objects which are designed to communicate meaning. Whether these objects are sculpture for homes or communication artefacts in a corporate setting, their form and material are designed to carry a desired meaning for the viewer.

In the case of the NRL Womens Premiership Trophy the trophy is an object whose function is to become an iconic holder of stories which are meaningful for the players and the fans.

Of the shapes of the Trophy Roger says, “The football is the central symbol and its shape informs all the lines of the trophy design. For those who look a bit further they will even find the quietly held letter ‘W’. I have created arms which vary in twist and thickness over their length. This anthropomorphic, naturally resolving grace is reinforced by the ‘waist’ between the base and the body of the trophy. This results in aesthetic and emotional appeal, holding in its centre the light-reflecting symbol of ‘inner strength.

The Womens competition tagline is 'same game, our way' and so the Womens Trophy is designed to be the sister trophy to the Provan Summons Trophy I designed in 1998, 'same game' but is uniquely different, having its own complete design, 'our way”.

Contact Roger if you would like to find out how sculpture can help your organization to communicate its message more effectively.

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