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sculpture that creates your space in the landscape

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'Nude Descending Stairs with a Bird'
'I like the way you walk'
'Intimacy' limestone
'Idols of Youth II'
'Dancer Stretching' limestone
'Fountain Frolic'
'The Twins'
'Frog Hollow'
'Sun Response'
'I like the way you walk III' limestone
'Mother' limestone
'Mother and Daughter' limestone
Around the pool
Water and Light 'Dark Continent'
'Don't Look Back' limestone
'Brolga Dance'
'Restless Thought'
'Foundations of the Earth' sculpture in scale with its environment
'Coming to a New Land'
'Naked City'
'Christ and St Christopher'
'Portrait of Bishop Daniel Delany'
'In Memory'
'Sea Forms'
'Falling Angel'

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