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Detail showing patina after six months weathering
Height 0.3 metres
Width 5.4 metres
Depth 0.1 metres
Materials weathering steel,

'In Memory' was my response to the project architect's request for a 'memento mori' concept for a small but elegantly curved wall on a new building within a cemetery.

I selected portions of text that represented 'relationship' from some of the oldest gravestones in the cemetery.

My concept was that the value of remembering the ones we love derives from our relationship with them.

The graphic outline of each text, as it was carved into its headstone, was mapped then cut into a weathering-steel panel. I then fitted the panel to custom made fixings set into the sandstone panelled wall.

This type of steel shows the passage of time. It oxidises to a beautiful patina of rich reds and oranges. Once the desired depth of colour is reached, I will seal the panel with oil.

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