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Height 2.7 metres
Width varies
Depth varies
Materials stainless steel,

The next genesis of curves in my stainless steel work is Sails.

It combines the relief forms of Nude Descending Stairs with a Bird, and Falling Angel II, in using planar forms but now the curves meet to close the final sides to create a free standing sculpture.

The two elements can be turned independently to change the form of the sculpture. I find that the compatibility of the curves mean that the elements relate well in many positions.

I have used 316 grade stainless steel and this has been treated to produce two finishes. The more reflective, outer finish and the satin, inner finish were produce using grit blasting and electropolishing.

The electropolishing also reduces the possibility of surface 'tea staining' that often occurs on stainless steel that is placed in proximity to the sea.

A black, acrylic box covers the base and allows the sculpture to appear to 'float' on the pond.

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