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Featured in many of our heritage buildings, Hawkesbury Sandstone is a well loved, locally available stone. It is a durable and beautiful stone that is a pleasure to work.

With careful selection from its extraordinary range of colours it can suit almost any decor.

This stone will colour and grow lichens and mosses etc when placed outside.

It may be sealed to minimise these effects of weathering.

Reconstituted Sandstone

The most common form of 'man-made' or 'reconstituted stone' is concrete, invented by the Romans over two thousand years ago!

Using an adhesive, usually cement, crushed stone particles are bound together and molded into a desired shape.

By mixing white cement, crushed white sandstone and reinforcing with synthetic fibre, I have used this process to create the 'Rams' that you can see here.

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Roger Apte

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