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'Andromeda' - Yass Black marble'Balmoral' - Yass Black & Wombeyan marbles'Blue-tongue Dreaming' - Wombeyan marble'Dark Knight' - Yass Black marble'Journey'- Yass Black & Wombeyan marbles'Laughter' - Yass Black marble

Yass Black Marble

When limestone is subjected to pressure and the heat of volcanic activity, marble is created.

This marble is quite unique, in that we can still see some of the original shells and other fossils that comprise its structure.

Wombeyan Marble

Quarried from the South Coast of NSW, this marble has very large, visible, crystals. Its colour can vary from white through reds and oranges depending upon its mineral take-up during its creation.

Wombeyan is the softer of the two Australian marbles. I prefer a honed rather than polished finish for the Wombeyan, and I think that it makes it a more inviting surface to touch.

Carrara Marble

Carrara Marble has been mined for thousands of years in Carrara, Italy. Its homogeneity, fine grain size, softness and figuring make it a delight to carve.

Polishing of marble sculptures is done by hand with increasingly fine grits of sandpaper. Finally a polishing powder applied with a hessian pad and a little water and lot of elbow grease, produces the mirror finish.

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