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Scaglione Alabaster

Unobtainable in Australia, this material occurs in only one part of Italy. There each stone is mined by hand in order to avoid bruising.

It is geologically deposited in, typically, egg-shaped boulders of varying size.

It is highly prized for its unique translucence.


Mined in Australia talc is a very soft stone to carve. I design each work around the colouring, inclusions and cracks that are typical of this stone.

Some stones can contain an extroardinary range of colours. Colours commonly range from white through reds, browns and greens.


Slate is a sedimentary stone found in Australia. It is a great stone to carve.

Good quality slate, that is to say, a stone that is sound, dense and free from inclusions such as clay is difficult to find.

The slate that I have used for this bas-relief was salvaged from the demolition of a Federation era home. It was most probably imported and is over one hundred years old.

I have used it in the living room niche of a family home and I like the harmonious sense of this recycle.

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Roger Apte

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