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I create sculpture designed for you and your space.

My forty years’ experience can help to make it easy
for you to commission your own artwork.

Together we can choose an expression which can range
from realistic to abstract, executed in a wide range of materials.

My aim is to create a work which will hold meaning and
enjoyment for you in your space.

In Gallery you will find examples of past work,
- Sculpture inside
- Sculpture outside
- Water and wind features
- Sculpture used in corporate rewards and recognition
in Awards and Trophies

You can also view Curve Lurve which is the current
online exhibition.

There is also a range of  sculpture for sale here and in my online PopUp Sculpure shop.

A bit of background on me can be seen here.

Call me if you would like to discuss how commissioning
a sculpture could work for you.





  PopUp Sculpture

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