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Curve Lurve

Curves are surfaces that are going somewhere, fast. As they do, they take you along for the ride.

The works in the exhibition are made using plywood but are also designed with the outdoors in mind. They function as maquette concepts for larger works, and particularly larger works in sheet metal that can be used in external locations.

All works are for sale, email for prices.

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'Love's Embrace'
'A Cocked Hat'
'Bondi Lifesaver'
'Chilli Dart'
'Raven Mask'
Sold. Iterations available
'Diving Swift'
'Grey Dove'
'Humpback Calf'
'Inuit Kayak'
'Love Knot'
'Moonlit Crossing'
'Paleolithic Shelter'
'Papier Mache'
'Reclining Figure'
'Red Tights'
'Sydney, Sunday'
'The Chinese Slipper'
'The Last of the Mohicans'
Sold. Iterations available
'You were continually with me'
'Young Bird'
'Your Love is'
'Falling Angel III'

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