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'Bouddi''In Memory''Falling Angel''Sunbreach''Sea Forms''Youth'

Latest Works

When I look back on the natural scenes that evoke a sense of place in my childhood, I see the massive sandstone forms of escarpments rising from a mist of gums. 'Bouddi Escarpment' is a expression of these masses described in figurative form.

'In Memory' was my response to the project architect's request for a 'memento mori' concept for a small but elegantly curved wall on a new building within a cemetary.

I selected portions of text that represented 'relationship' from some of the oldest gravestones in the cemetary. The carved, graphic outline of each text was then cut into a weathering-steel panel.

This type of steel oxidises to a beautiful patina of rich reds and oranges. Once the desired depth of colour is reached, I will seal the panel with oil.

'Falling Angel II' is a sinuous stainless steel sculpture.

This sculpture was designed to have a smooth, strong vertical flow of steel and glass blades that focus attention within the deck space while providing an uninterrupted view to the beach beyond.

I selected marine grade stainless steel particularly due to the seaside location and matched it with kiln textured glass wings.

'Sunbreach' is a commission for a Sydney apartment balcony.

The glowing heart of this sculpture was created from 14 kilos of ruby glass.

I formed the original 'object' in clay, moulded it with a waste mould and kiln cast the glass.

The 'inert shell' that holds this object as a surprise for the viewer also houses the internal illumination that makes this light sculture an enigmatic presence day and night.

The shell is marine grade, stainless steel with a powdercoat finish.

Coordination with the builder for installation was simple. I provided a timber template to allow setout of power supply cable and fixing centres.

'Sea Forms', is an interior landscape sculpture.

Water runs from the hidden pool above into these five glass formes then falls to a tiled pond below the floor level of this living room.

The smooth glass formes follow the sedimentary lines of the sandstone face, leading the eye, with the water, through the sculpture.

I have again teamed cast glass with marine grade, stainless steel for support. I had the stainless steel treated to a translucent blue finish to prevent the supports visually intruding into the line of the blue glass.

'Youth', is a jaunty yet discernibly honest and focussed figure.

Cast in silicone bronze, this sculpture was commissioned for use within a large organisation to portray, celebrate and reward these human qualities.

Current Projects

Current works include carved timber sculptures with figurative and abstract forms.

I am also about to commence a 2.5 metre high figurative work for a church facade that will depict Christ and StChristopher. The media for this will be an epoxy render over a stainless steel armature.

If you have any questions about this work or would like to see further images, please contact me.

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Roger Apte

~ Roger Apte SCULPTOR ~

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